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My cham has had one of his eyes closed for the past two days.

I believe he may have something in his eye becuase it seems to be moving inside as if he were trying to take something out......

He has opened it for a second or two then he closes it again.

He is about 3 months old and i have had him for about three weeks now.

Any suggestions?
Was he drinking and eating well before this started? Did this start after a shed? He is probably too young for a good shower; have you been spraying to give him a chance to clear his eyes? Some [THREAD=66]more info[/THREAD] on your setup may help.

Hopefully that hydration and/or perhaps a foreign body in the eye (as Brad suggested...spraying/misting liberally with warm/lukewarm water and increases the humidity will hopefully fix it) is the explanation for this...are there any activity changes or problems with the other eye? does the eye look normal when he briefly reopens it (any cloudiness)?
When he opens his eye it seems fine, and his other eye is normal and looking around like usual.

His cage is 18" by 12" by 18"

his temp is 95-99 degrees and his humidity is aroud 65-75%

i have misted him around the eye but he doesnt like it when i mist him.
Sally, if he is still favoring the eye, I would make an appointment to have him seen by a Vet.
Hi Sally,

You mentioned his temperature was 90-95... is that the temperature near the basking light? If his total cage temperature is that warm, he may be overheated. When chameleons get overheated they get lethargic and it seems a bit warm for a 3 month old chameleon. Make sure he has cooler temperatures that he can get to in his cage to cool down. Overheating can cause them to be dehydrated as well, which could also be a cause of eye difficulties.
lower watts

There are lower watts, 60W, and so on, there are 25W, I think the what the watts needs to be depends on the encloser, how many sides are screen, where is it, ambient room temp. etc. Because your cage is 1.5' by 1' by 1.5', I think there will be more concentrated heat in a smaller area. Try moving the lighting further away so that just the basking sight, maybe one corner of the top of the cage, will hit 90 degrees, and the opposite corner of the cage will be lower, like 75 - 80 degrees, so basically you just have to use trial and error to get the right temps at the right spots. Good luck, do you have a pic of the cage?
I have the basking lamp in the top corner.

All the side of the cage are screen and i have a towel in the back.

My camera is currently not working but ill try to post some pics.
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