Eye saline mixture and shower advice


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The swelling in my panther's eyes is starting to worry me.
Thing is, he's always been like that, his feeders are very varied and always gut loaded to the max.
UV light is Arcadia 1 bulb UVB 12% and 1 natural daylight 2%.
He basks often and is thoroughly misted with distilled water all over at least once a day.
I also use 3 different vit/mineral, each one every 3rd day or so.

Question is what is the best ratio and type of saline spray, should it be just a thorough soaking in the eyes once a day AND
What's the ideal shower temp, length of time, and pressure (as in putting him in a human shower while he is in a screen cage)
I am going to ramp up beta carotene and even some vit
If no changes then to the vet as soon as possible... it's subzero out so I don't want to do that unless it becomes obvious it's a necessity but not wait too long of course.
He does not get handled, and I go through relatively extensive measures to keep things sanitary, even rinsing off roaches before feeding or dusting with supps.

Shower and saline advice most appreciated.
Pulled from the Resources tab, under Water and Humidity:

"Another method of providing water, especially to dehydrated chameleons, is by using a shower. Place a large plant in the tub, aim the shower head against the wall, and run the water so that only a fine mist reaches the chameleon. The water should be room temperature (not hot!). They may drink for up to 30 minutes. Make sure to supervise your chameleon at all times while using this method."

I work at a veterinary clinic, so I get any saline I need from there in the form of sodium chloride (NaCl) 0.9%. I'm sure you could get some at a pharmacy, though I personally woudn't recommend any extensive flushing without veterinary advice. It can be a stressful procedure for the animal, especially if they're not accustomed to handling, and I'm not familiar enough with chameleons and this particular form of edema to recommend anything.

I'm a "when in doubt, bring it to the vet" kind of person, but maybe someone else will have additional advice. Utilizing the forum search functions may also bring something up. It's really not so bad transporting chams in subzero weather, or at least it hasn't been for me. I've been doing it once a week for the last 5 weeks, and I don't drive! Pop him in a cooler with a warmie (hot pack, hot water bottle, whatever. Just make sure it isnt too hot/he doesn't have direct access to it) and a branch, and he'll just sleep until you get there.



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Vitamin A is difficult to address. There is a way to flush out any build up of fluids or matter, in the eye. I would take him to the vet and have them show you how they preform this issue. My local vet is very cool about showing pet owners what they should do in certain circumstances. You can buy Unisol 4 saline solution, make sure it has no preservatives. Apply a drop or 2 this might help for now until you get him to the vet, and they tell you what exactly is the issue with his eye. It can be a lot of things.


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Thank you for taking the time to respond, I am trying to find a vet now.
The only lead I have so far for a specialist is the ARAV.org site, if anyone knows another way please help me.

I am going to try the shower as soon as I can be sure to rinse all residue off the walls of my shower. I have a screen cage and think the best way according to what you have written would be to find a comfortable perch, put the screen over the top, and let the water splash off of the walls and through the screen.
I have a compounding pharmacy locally, I'm wondering if I should ask them to compound saline instead of titrating it myself. I could also ask them to add vitamin A (if there is a water soluble form), if there are any vets that might offer a suggestion on that until I can get him to a doctor that would be great.

Much thanks for any replies!
Due to his medical issues, my boy gets 2-3 shower sessions a week. I just pop him on a perch with a plant, put him out of the direct spray where most of his perch/plant is getting some rebound mist but he can still get out of it, and let him do his thing for 30 minutes or so. I wouldn't over- complicate the procedure too much, and if your boy seems overly stressed I'd skip on the shower and instead give him some extra long misting sessions somewhere he feels more comfortable, such as his cage.

The most common form of medical saline is 0.9%. You wouldn't have to adjust the concentration. I'd search the forums for vitamin A - lots of info if you dig for it! I saw quite a bit of info after a brief search, including easy ways to dose for vitamin A and what form to use.
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