Eye problems/Wrinkly/Tear duct infection?

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - The species, sex, and age of your chameleon. How long has it been in your care? Panther 7-8 month have had him about 3 months
Handling - How often do you handle your chameleon? Moving him from cage to FR.
Feeding - What are you feeding your cham? What amount? What is the schedule? How are you gut-loading your feeders?He's only eating crickets now and he has only eaten 3 yesterday and 2 today. It seems like he's preferring me to hand feed him cause he hasn't been hunting or interested in cup feeding. About a month ago I ordered him silks and horns but he was bit by a horn and completely ignores them and then the silks chow molded so I threw them all away. I gutload with apples,oranges,potatoes,carrots and cricket crack.
Supplements - What brand and type of calcium and vitamin products are you dusting your feeders with and what is the schedule?Repcal herptivite 2x a month, repcal calcium with d3 2x a month and repticalium w/o d3 at every feeding. Repashy vit A 1x a month.
Watering - What kind of watering technique do you use? How often and how long to you mist? Do you see your chameleon drinking?I have a dripper and a mistking that runs 5x a day(8am-4pm) for 2minutes but I've extended it to 3 minutes lately. Havent been seeing him drink lately at all. I've tried showering him, I've tried using a hibiscus tree and a pothos tower that I made specifically for showering. When he's on the hibiscus he will just sit in the tree and not pay any attention to the water thats hitting the plant. He's usually looking at the the silver faucet and door..they seem to freak him out a bit. Using the pothos tower he will start climbing towards the water but then he will put himself directly into the water stream that bounces off the wall and completely flips out.
Fecal Description - Briefly note colors and consistency from recent droppings. Has this chameleon ever been tested for parasites?Normal poop but his urate has gone from pinkish to fully orange today. He's never been checked for parasites.
History - Any previous information about your cham that might be useful to others when trying to help you. This past week I have changed his cage around from when he was younger. It was full of bamboo and branches going from side to side, but now I took out most of the branches and I added a hanging pothos and vines. I'm starting to think that maybe he was only used to drinking from the branches and wont drink from the pothos leaves. But he's now eating much less, last week he was eating 8 crickets a day.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - Describe your cage (Glass, Screen, Combo?) What are the dimensions?screen. 24x24x48
Lighting - What brand, model, and types of lighting are you using? What is your daily lighting schedule? Dual fixture with an arcadia 6% and 6.5k growlight. And a clamp lamp for basking with a 60watt bulb.
Temperature - What temp range have you created (cage floor to basking spot)? Lowest overnight temp? How do you measure these temps?Basking is 80-85. Rest of cage around 77-78, lowest temp is 75 at night.
Humidity - What are your humidity levels? How are you creating and maintaining these levels? What do you use to measure humidity?Humidity rests around 40 and spikes when misting.
Plants - Are you using live plants? If so, what kind? Theres a hanging pothos and umbrella.
Placement - Where is your cage located? Is it near any fans, air vents, or high traffic areas? At what height is the top of the cage relative to your room floor?Cage rests on a shelving unit and almost touches the roof. It's near an air vent and is in the living room.
Location - Where are you geographically located?I'm in Florida

Current Problem - The current problem you are concerned about.
So since last week Renlys eyes have been wrinkly and today his left eye has the look of a tear duct infection. His urate's have been orange which make me think that he is dehydrated but only his left eye looks strange like this. I cannot find much information about tear duct infections so I am not sure if this is the start of one or not.

Here are two pictures of his left eye from last monday:
View attachment 83211
View attachment 83218

Here's his left eye today:
View attachment 83617
View attachment 83618
These are from 5 minutes ago:
photo (47).jpg
photo (48).jpg
His right eye a week ago:
View attachment 83217

His right eye today:
photo (49).jpg

Has anyone had any experience with something like this??
similar problem

So my guy is having a similar problem....and he seems to intermittantly have trouble seeing all together....one eye is droopy at the opening although tgey aren't sunken at all... and he has some clear gunk for lack of a vetter word...how is yours doing now?
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