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Hi everyone and thanks for taking the time to read this,

I got a new chameleon today, Hes an adult male veiled. I have no experience with veileds but lots with Panthers so i dont think ill have any problems with him. Anyway, I noticed his eyes were glazed over with a kinda thick clear mucus. Ive cleaned his eyes best i can but im wondering what could be the cause of this? ive never seen it or heard of it. does he have an infection? He seems pretty much in good shape apart from this, no signs of MBD or dehydration.


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Pictures? Sounds like a Vet visit. Your Veileds eyes should be clear like your Panther's eyes.


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Thats what i thought. Havnt got any pics as i cleared it before i took a pic. ill see how it is in the morning. Have you heard of this before? 1 of his eyes was completely closed because of the film, it had dried quite hard and glued his eye shut. I wonder if it was his temps being too high and caused his eyes to dry out under the lamp? As ive said, hes healthy apart from the eye issues. The best way to describe the mucus, to give you an idea of what im talking about, is its like snot, it dries out like snot does and turns into bogies in the eyes!!! sorry to be so gross but thats how it looks to me! lol


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Julirs-- this sounds like what Ebenezer had a long time ago, remember?

Does it kind of make his eye droop down a little? Pictures would be great. I'll show you what Ebenezer looked like when he had this.
What I did was use a saline solution to wash out his eye. (you can search on the forum to get the exact one, it's just one from cvs or some other cheap place)
It worked great, I'll show before and after.. if this doesn't seem to solve the problem, find a vet that knows about chameleons and bring him to the vet.

and after
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