Eye issue?


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Hello, I recently noticed something in Luna’s eye that concerns me a bit.
Can y’all help me figure out what could be wrong with her eye?

Thanks in advance.




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Exo terra only has A from beta carotene... No preformed A in that one.
Oh my... All supplements and gutload are:
Exoterra calcium without d3 everyday
Exoterra calcium with d3 every 2 weeks
Exoterra Multivit every 2 weeks
I gutload my feeders various fruits and repashy's superload formula.


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Switch to LoD, throw everything else out, put this on every feeder. if it doesn’t seem to be bothering her no need for a vet, but if you do see any deformation, discharge, or anything else out of the norm don’t waste any time getting to the vet.
Thanks @Brodybreaux25
I'll defenitly switch to repashy, but what do you think of Calcium plus? Not LoD.
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