Expired Calcium without D3


Hello everyone. Just had a question about some calcium without D3. I just bought a huge tub of it on Amazon. The Zoo Med Reptile Calcium Without Vitamin D3, 48 oz to be exact. When I got the order, the expiration date on the tub was 08/10? I asked amazon about this and they said I could discard it and they will issue a refund. I guess I just question, is it really outdated? Would I be ok to use it? Is the shelve life a little longer than the date listed? It was a super good deal and I would hate to have it go to waste... Thoughts?
Ok, that's what I was thinking. I read a few things online about how it really doesn't go bad, but still wanted to make sure before I start giving it to my animals.
If they are selling expired items, regardless of whether or not it actually goes bad, I would question their business practices.
However, they offered to send you another item, so...

If it had D3 in it, the D3 could degrade, but the calcium will not.
Yes, it was a little weird. They apologized for sending the expired products and said since they don't have it in stock, they will issue me a refund and I can "discard" the product how I would like. When all I did was ask them if it would still be ok to use as I know that the shelf life is a lot longer than the date listed. And that was the response I got from them! I mean, I'm not complaining cause they already issued a refund but, It was a little weird though.
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