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hello i just brought one of those exoterra hygrometer's (the analog one) and well im confused lol on the back of it you have the circle white double sided sticky thing and inside that circle it has a smaller circle which can be detacted should i leave that conected or not? because it appears to be only reading at 55 :confused:
I am bit confused with your description but kind of have an idea what you are talking about. Either way it’s a moot point since I and pretty much most people in this forum believe anything analog is junk. You are better off going to a garden store or a garden section like at Lowes and getting a digital temp/hygrometer and using that. Preferably one that has an external temp probe for checking basking temps. I usually mount the unit on the outside of the cage and can assume that whatever the reading is for humidity, it’s a bit higher in the cage.

I've been using these: http://cgi.ebay.com/Indoor-Outdoor-Max-Min-Thermometer-Hygrometer_W0QQitemZ150114206567QQihZ005QQcategoryZ48624QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

They may not be 100% accurate if tested against high quality scientific equipment, but they're close enough to correct, and they're far more consistent than analog gauges.
And they're cheap. I have 7 of them now (all from the same Hong Kong supplier) that I use in various cages, as well as in my roach/cricket tubs.

Plus they have the outdoor probe wire that allows you to monitor basking spots too.
I just bought one at lowes for about the same price ($12 with shipping) that measures 2 temps & humidity... I def. vote for the digital ones, as the analog ones are crappy and not only inaccurate, but fall apart fast.
lol ok but im not gonna get a digi one lol but wat im gonna get is ne of those cool themal stats that controll heat when it gets to hot they turn off bulb :D
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