ExoTerra Fogger (Ultrasonic Fog Generator)

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I am selling my Exo Terra Fogger. I bought this spur of the moment in my local pet store ($49) and never got around to using it. It is BRAND NEW IN THE BOX. It has never been used except for hooking it up once to be sure that it worked. Here is a description of what it does....
" Use the Exo-Terra Fogger in tropical terrariums to simulate low clouds and fog and increase humidity levels. It can also be used in desert terrariums to generate early morning dew. Creates a fine, cool mist that increases humidity levels up to 100%. It operates in water levels as low as 2". It is currently selling at Petsmart for $39.99

This product does work exactly as it says. The fog is beautiful. Although I paid more than it is going for now at petsmart, I will sell for $35 shipped. I've attached some pictures below. If you would like more pics or pictures with a higher resolution just let me know and I can email them to you. Thanks, Tara

*I can accept a payment through Paypal (a payment funded by bank account not credit card as I only have a regular account not a business account)*


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