Enclosure worry


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I'm worried now.

On ringing to check availability on a 2010 panther cham posted on the RFUK forum (see link)


, and having a chat with the gentleman where he asked what equipment I had sourced, he said not to get a mesh screen tank!!

When I said I had ordered it he said oh no please. He said you can't keep the humidity up in a mesh tank and the heat leaks out the sides.
I said I'd researched their requirements and everyone had said a mesh tank as they need adequate ventilation as well as the humidity.
He said they use wooden or glass tanks for theirs and they breed like wildfire.

I'm just worried bad advice is being given.
for you cold and damp folks in the UK lol, glass and wood are very common and a safe thing. as long as the cham is provided proper side, the ratio of glass:screen cages used by european keepers is almost a landslide.
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