Enclosure renovation ideas have some pictures


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so my enclosure doesn't have a ton of branches and has a lot of open space. when I put it together I hadn't had experience so it isn't great but its not bad. But you guys have lots of experience and ideas so I could use some help. I also have 4 dragon ledges I haven't built yet.so I had an idea of putting three sticks in a triangle shape and putting a pothus in the middle of the triangle. the fist pic is the front the second pic is my idea the red is sticks and the odd looking thing in the middle is the pothus the third pic is the bottom he walks on the screen along the bottom so I want to put something there so he doesn't have to walk on screen. The bottom is all low light. The hibiscus in the corner I plan on putting a pothus in the middle and wrapping it along the branches.



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