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Hi, I'm going to be a first time chameleon owner. I've read a lot so far and will be picking him/her up in a few days. I've already set up the enclosure and was wondering how it is. I want to make sure that everything is perfect. :)

Any help or tips would be appreciated. It is an 18x18x18 terrarium. I will be getting a larger one as he/she grows.

The two live plants are peperomia and dracaena. I read that these are okay with chameleons, unless I read wrong.


What kind of chameleon are you getting? You should probably take the substrate out of the bottom. Otherwise it looks pretty good.
It's a panther chameleon. I read about not having substrate in the bottom but I was told it would be fine? It has substrate where it's at now so I'm confused.
Hey there. Having substrate is a nono cus he might get some of it in him as he snatches up crickets that may be on them, impaction, that's a big problem. Otherwise it looks pretty good but I would still suggest a screen enclosure though!
Since the guy your getting looks to be about 6 months old, he's really technically already too big for this size of cage. If you're still in time to return it I would, because that would be ok if you were getting a little 2 month baby but your guy is already a juvenile. I don't personally worry about substrate, but the size might be a little cramped. I hate to see you have to buy a brand new cage in a month or so, it's just throwing away money.
Unfortunately I've already cut a hole into the screen on the top for the fogger so I won't be able to return it. I can always use the cage for another reptile or amphibian if we decide to get another one. I had gotten the biggest they had in the store but I've been looking at 18x24x36 cages and I definitely want to get one of them in the near future.
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