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Brian S

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Hello all,
I'm new to the forums, but I've been keeping panthers now for two years and have been looking into expanding to other species. I now have an empty 16X16X16 cube ExoTerra glass terrarium (the one with the two doors in front) from a leopard gecko that i was watching for a friend. But now it is empty and my love of chams has room to expand. I was wondering, which small species of chameleon would be best? I was thinking pygmies, or maybe a flapneck. Like i said, my knowledge is primarily based around panthers, and i need your help to point me in the right direction for research and what not. If there are any other species that you think would work, please feel free to tell me.

Brian Stanley
Hi Brian,

For that size and type of enclosure, I would strongly recommend one of the leaf chameleons. They do well in an aquarium type setting. IMO, no other type of chameleon would do well in that enclosure on a permanent basis.

I was looking on FLchams, and they have several dwarf chameleon species, would any others be okay besides the leaf chameleons?
All other species of chameleons require more climbing space, and don't do that well in a mainly glass enclosure. Leaf chameleons do best in that sort of cage. Even a small species will very quickly outgrow a 16" tall enclosure.. I actually use taller aquariums for my leafs as it is. You could keep a pair, maybe a trio of R. brevs in an enclosure that size.

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