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People with experience, I really need advice.
We thought our baby boy veiled was dehydrated. this has been going on a while.
so today I got some pedialite and tried to give him some with a dropper. he was climbing around and opening his mouth and I dropped some drops in there. he didn't seem to mind and he kept opening his mouth so I gave him a fair amount.

then he started gasping and falling. (I read the other post about the cham who died and was falling and I got really scared)

He felt cold so I took him out in the sunshine for a few minutes. He turned VERY dark and patterned.

he kept gasping and some stuff came out of his mouth... like thick saliva.
then he looked really bad. I think he peed and he was barely moving at all, kind of laying on his side.

now he is back to light green, sitting up with his eyes closed (sleeping). He still gasps once in a while and moves a little bit. he has also shaken his head back & forth several times. It doesn't seem right.
I have a vet appt in an hour.

What am I doing wrong? Help.
Im thinking its a respiratory problem or something coulda been caught in his throat. But then again, I don't know much. But I'm sure the Vet will know. I wish you and your Cham luck. Hope he gets better! Keep us updated.
Ugh.. it sounds like he aspirated some of the pedialite, or, like Drake mentioned, he has an upper respiratory infection. Good luck to you and let us know how it goes.

sounds to me like a respiratory infection. The vet will probably prescribe something like baytril....and for a guy that small its going to be a tough dose to measure out. Very small amount.

until the vet....keep him as hydrated as possible. Mist him lots!! Good Luck.
unfortunately he didn't make it.
It was a respiratory infection and she gave him fluids (was going to start him on meds) but he just didn't make it.
poor baby
He was very young. I'm not sure exactly, but he was still very small. He was open mouth breathing occasionally the past week, but a LOT this morning. especially after I gave him pedialyte.
What you describe, the thinck saliva, seems to me to mean that you gave him too much water. I've seen it happen numerous times when using an eyedropper, spray bottle, pipetette, or any other "manual" watering method. They drink too much, too quickl;y, they'll vomit it up, with lots of saliva, too. The stuff had the consistency of the "salvia" that drips from the aliens' mouths in the "alien" movies, right?

When they vomit, it is VERY easy for them to get some in their trachea. It sounds likt that might have happened.

What evidence do you have that he had a respiratory infection? Was he making wheezing/cracking sounds when he breathed?
Thanks everyone for info & support.
We'll miss him. We only knew him for a short time, but he touched our hearts.
And now we love chameleons

We still have his sister and she seems to be doing okay. Though we are keeping a close eye on her!
We had him for 10 days. We got him and his sister from a pet store (Zookeepers) in Austin, TX.

The vet told me he had a pretty bad respiratory infection. We were there for 2 hours yesterday. He was pretty stable, they gave him oxygen. But then when the vet went to give him fluids and meds he couldn't tollerate it. She gave him an injection of fluids and he collapsed. She said she did CPR for 5 minutes but couldn't bring him back. If he had made it, she told me that he would be on meds and need lots of care for at least the next month and then his chance would be about 50/50.
It's just sad. He was a tiny tiny little baby.
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