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Hi in after some advice my cam has been laying eggs for the past week or even longer we have had so many but they are slugs as she has never been with a male but why has she not stopped this yet? She is eatin and drinking as normal yet every morning there are more ? Please any help would be gratefully received
What species? Slugs are yellow pearl-like things that live bearing chameleons have. Unfertilized eggs from an egg laying chameleon are just unfertilized eggs.

Does it have a proper laying bin? Continually laying eggs for weeks is incredibly unusual and concerns me, especially if she has a proper laying bin and isnt using it. If she starts to act ill or off, take her to a vet ASAP or else she could die from egg binding.
Thank u

They are def slugs she is in her viv still and digs her ground
She is a Yemen cam around six years old she is a rescue we have had her for eight months now and she hasn't laid any before. The person we got her from rescued her from someone's house as she was in terrible condition and once he had picked her up we collected her to help her! She is doing so well and is eating and drinking fine so I have no idea why she is still producing them or how many more she could have! This morning there were another six
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