Eggs shipped today!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Katacara, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. jajeanpierre

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    @Katacara Be prepared for a lower than normal hatch rate. Hatching chicken eggs are shipped in the mail all the time and have a hatch rate of about 50% of a normal hatch rate. They can be perfectly packed, but the embryo part of the egg gets "scrambled" in the mail.

    As another person posted, those cryopaks are expensive so don't toss them.

    Good luck with the eggs.
  2. Katacara

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    I am also going to send the cryopacks back to Matt (y)
  3. Angelwolf

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    What an ingenious idea for controlling the eggs in the substrate!
  4. hopps31

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    I agree with @Angelwolf what a cool way to control the eggs!

    P.S- I love your new picture avatar(not sure the exact name of the picture box thing) I love your name and the design of your sign:)
  5. Katacara

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    @hopps31 Thanks!! I put in quite a few sleepless nights putting that together lol. I am glad that people like it!!
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