Eggs shipped today!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Katacara, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. jajeanpierre

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    @Katacara Be prepared for a lower than normal hatch rate. Hatching chicken eggs are shipped in the mail all the time and have a hatch rate of about 50% of a normal hatch rate. They can be perfectly packed, but the embryo part of the egg gets "scrambled" in the mail.

    As another person posted, those cryopaks are expensive so don't toss them.

    Good luck with the eggs.
  2. Katacara

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    I am also going to send the cryopacks back to Matt (y)
  3. Angelwolf

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    What an ingenious idea for controlling the eggs in the substrate!
  4. hopps31

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    I agree with @Angelwolf what a cool way to control the eggs!

    P.S- I love your new picture avatar(not sure the exact name of the picture box thing) I love your name and the design of your sign:)
  5. Katacara

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    @hopps31 Thanks!! I put in quite a few sleepless nights putting that together lol. I am glad that people like it!!
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  6. Kristen Wilkins

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    BABIES . B1CCA0DF-7B30-49AE-A28A-3C6DAD14FF27.jpeg 80FFF4F4-D538-463A-A275-B3E9D2CEA623.jpeg 545FB3DA-E532-4C07-94C4-2A70918F2D5A.jpeg D657F456-96BB-4998-9702-42832EA86F11.jpeg 61C0DE31-5EB9-4392-BFB5-26C165BEF309.jpeg D1300216-D635-49D0-8DC0-45B9C7A12E54.jpeg 88C5E68B-2054-4816-8692-FDFB8B4439D6.jpeg 21CF5ADC-0B0D-4C39-BC61-F0D7C19214FB.jpeg D657F456-96BB-4998-9702-42832EA86F11.jpeg AD159A70-B879-49BC-B776-F454FD743E8C.jpeg 21CF5ADC-0B0D-4C39-BC61-F0D7C19214FB.jpeg 80FFF4F4-D538-463A-A275-B3E9D2CEA623.jpeg
    Update eggs have hatched , 100% hatch rate . 4 weeks old today , thank you @Matt Vanilla Gorilla for always supporting us at every step , always having the correct answers . ( wisdom ) . We could not have done this with our you and Jessica .

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  7. Chameleon Mike

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    Matt is awesome. He has helped my with my new panthers so much. I would feel totally comfortable with him shipping eggs to me. You don't need to worry about the eggs you get from him. Its going to be a long wait but will worth it. Good luck with your new babies.
  8. Matt Vanilla Gorilla

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you! My lovely wife and I care so deeply about chameleons! Many, many hours of research and experimentation (without chameleons but rather by using electronic equipment such as remote, wireless thermometers etc.) goes in to every little thing we do related to our chameleons! Success in all we attempt is our goal!

    Your support and faith in us is deeply appreciated!
  9. Kristen Wilkins

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    I was so very nervous taking this endeavor on . Not for any other reason then my ability to successfully hatch eggs without doing something harmful to them .

    Matt and Jessica walked me through every step beginning with set up to hatch . specific instructions was emailed as well as 100% Communication 24/7 . Incubator needed to be ready to go prior to egg arriving ( this is a must to control temps and humidity ) . I sent pictures as I moved along . If any adjustments needed to be made I knew right away . Both Matt and Jessica have top notch customer service .

    This experience has been amazing . Not only do we have beautiful healthy VERY ACTIVE babies , we have also made amazing Life long friends :love: . Thank you Matt and Jessica for being you xoxo ❤️.

    Any one wanting to hatch eggs don’t be afraid . This experience is amazing and you will be supported 100% throughout your wait !!.
  10. Acham

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    After viewing pics of how the eggs were packaged and reading reviews/comments - I ordered eggs from Matt Vamilla Gorilla. Expected hatch date - should be very soon.

    Congratulations on the babies and thanks for posting very informative pics. Also big thanks to Matt and Jessica.

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