Eggs shipped today!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Katacara, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Katacara

    Katacara Avid Member

    I am so excited to say that my eggs from @Matt Vanilla Gorilla have where shipped today!!!

    OMG I am going to have a constant case of "Kid-waiting-for-Christmas-morning-syndrome" up until they hatch!
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  2. Scottsquatch

    Scottsquatch Chameleon Enthusiast

    Mine shipped too! We can keep each other posted on how they are developing.
  3. Andee

    Andee Chameleon Enthusiast

    Having that with the cresteds XD
  4. TCMontium

    TCMontium Member

    What eggs? Chameleon eggs?
  5. Katacara

    Katacara Avid Member

  6. JacksJill

    JacksJill Chameleon Enthusiast

    Exited for you both but I have a question.
    How do you ship eggs safely? Is all that about not turning them over a myth??
  7. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    I was extremely worried when I had to take my eggs on evacuation. I couldn’t imagine shipping them.
  8. Scottsquatch

    Scottsquatch Chameleon Enthusiast

    As long as they are shipped soom after they are layed its all good. After they develop the air pocket, they will die if they are turned. I have some others incubating right now that I got from Matt a couple months ago that are doing great. Like I said, if you ship them right away, it works. You do have to use cryopacs or something similar to ship though, as its important that the temps remain very stable.
  9. Acham

    Acham Established Member

    Please take pics to show us how they were shipped. Packing and everything.
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  10. Katacara

    Katacara Avid Member

    Sure I can do that, but @Matt Vanilla Gorilla would know way more about it than me because he is the one who ships them.
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  11. Andee

    Andee Chameleon Enthusiast

    If I were to ship eggs I would do it in some sort of foam with no room for them to move around in.
  12. Mawtyplant

    Mawtyplant Avid Member

    lol i know! i read about this! ;) i have try a post but no anwser :/
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  13. hopps31

    hopps31 Avid Member

    That is super exciting:) The waiting part is sooo hard, but so wroth it in the end!! You are going to have cuteness overload(y)
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  14. Katacara

    Katacara Avid Member

    Yah I am!! Complete cuteness overload!! :love:
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  15. Katacara

    Katacara Avid Member

    So I was finally able to open the box my eggs where in to put them in the incubator. All I can say is I have NEVER seen anything packed so well and with so much care!! @Matt Vanilla Gorilla & Jessica you are AMAZING!!!!

    Here are the pictures you asked for @Acham @Mawtyplant @JoeDigiorgio

    They are in order so you can see exactly what it all looked like when I opened layer by layer.

    Packing 1.jpg Packing 2.jpg Packing 3.jpg Packing 4.jpg Packing 5.jpg Packing 6.jpg Packing 7.jpg Packing 8.jpg Packing 9.jpg Packing 10.jpg
  16. dshuld

    dshuld Chameleon Enthusiast

    Well, I had been curious how this worked. Guess I know now lol. I'm excited for you!!
  17. Katacara

    Katacara Avid Member

    Thanks! 6-13 months is going to be SO long to wait for them to hatch!!
  18. dshuld

    dshuld Chameleon Enthusiast

    Lol indeed!! I'm tempted to get some from his next clutch but I really only want a unrelated female for blue lightning. I told @Matt Vanilla Gorilla my luck I would end up with all males :ROFLMAO:. I checked Kammerflage like you suggested and he had one I liked the look of but sadly my wife said I was nuts when she saw the price they want for her :rolleyes:. Hopefully middle of next year Matt will have one though and, tbh, he's been so awesome to deal with if I can get what I'm looking for through him I would much rather do that.
  19. Scottsquatch

    Scottsquatch Chameleon Enthusiast

    Don't toss the cryopacs. They are a bit spendy and can be used many times. I send them back to Matt.

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