Eggs hatching!! What to do from here!


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Hey guys, Our eggs from February second are hatching!! We have two that are split. No movement. We have to leave the house for a couple hours so won't be able to check on them. I figured it would take a bit for the little guys to get out of the eggs anyways. I am looking into ordering fruitflys and am assuming that you don't need a specific kind! What I am wondering is when and if we should help the little guys out. We checked the eggs two days ago and nothing then. So we are not sure how long they have been split for. Any advice helps. Cross your fingers for us!! I am hoping to have some babies by the end of the day.:D
From my dart frog days, I can tell you there are a couple of things to consider with fruit flies. The melos are noticably smaller than the hydei, so I would say the hydei are better for feeding baby panthers. BUT, melos breed faster. You can have new batches of melos in 3 weeks, but the hydei will take closer to 4 or 5 weeks.

As for the babies not out of the eggs, I am no expert, but from everything I've read, helping them out is not usually a good idea. Too easy to injure them and the thinking is, if they can't get themselves out on their own, they are likely too weak to survive anyhow. Hopefully someone more experienced will post on this though as I can only tell you what I've read.

Good luck!
Congratulations Kati!

The babies can take days to come out after the egg splits. They are absorbing the yoke. You don't need to help them come out.

If they do come out they may sleep outside of the egg for a little bit as well (hatching is tough work)

I usually leave the babies in the hatching container until they are trucking around and ready to come out. Also when one baby hathes and walks around on the other eggs it seems like it wakes the other babies up.... not always though because I have had clutches take a whole month to hatch out.

D Hydel fruits are a good size to start with. It is usually about 3 days after the hatch that they start eating.

I use a spray bottle to mist newborns because the droplets are smaller than what comes out of my pump sprayer
Thanks guys.. Got some hydei fruit flys ordered and also got a couple cultures as well!
Des, you put me at ease with saying it could take days!! We were not expecting these guys to hatch till oct/nov.. We were very surprised to see two split this morning. We will get a small tank/cage setup tonight. I will post pictures once we see little ones cruising!!
We stopped at a petstore while we were out and got a new 5 gallon tank with lid for 18 bucks!!! Also picked up a fruitfly culture, they only had the melos, a hood and a reptisun 5.0.
We are gonna set that up with some plastic coated chickenwire and fake leaves.
When we got home and checked both the babies are still in the eggs. Still only the two split. The rest are sweating. Do you think we should keep checking every couple hours or just leave them alone till tomorrow morning?
Either way... If your excited you can check them as much as you want but don't be surprised if they don't come out till tomorrow :)
Congrats! New babies are fun. I freaked out when my first clutch hatched lol. Get those FF culture going they will eat a ton! Have fun and we want some pics ;-)
amount of food

No matter how many flies you have it will never be enough. look for some 10 day old crickets also. i had 8 baby jacksons eat $40 worth in less than a week.
We have a couple ff cultures and I'm gonna order some pinheads soon. We only have one baby hatch out so far. One still piped and one that shrunk today...
We have a couple ff cultures and I'm gonna order some pinheads soon. We only have one baby hatch out so far. One still piped and one that shrunk today...
Where are our pics! ;-)
I would start 3 cultures every 3 days. When they can start to take down 1/8" crickets go for it. I skipped the pinheads all together and they did fantastic. Hope your little guys are doing great.
you will easily go through $200 in fruit flies if you don't make them yourself. i went through a but load of ff when i had my elliots. if i were you i'd order the ff median.
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