Egg laying problem?


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So my 8 month Vieled is trying to lay eggs. I have a egg laying bin in but it seems she doesn't see it? Idk, she will go down to the bottom and just stay there and when I come to look at her she goes back to the top. She doesn't see the egg laying bin? Please, I don't want her to get egg bound and die.
Does she have the gravid patterns? Because if she doesn't I would think she is just exploring, but that being said if she does have the gravid patterns, and you keep popping in on her when she is attempting to get into the bin, she won't lay her eggs, she needs privacy. So what I would recommend doing is just leaving her be. Maybe put something around the cage so that you can't peer in on her. When you need to mist if you don't have something automated just pull it aside don't let her see you just the mister and spray until you think you're good. But just remember she won't lay them if you bug her. Maybe a picture of her would help to see if she is gravid or not. Is she plump at all or?

Sorry I can't get a better pic. I've never handled her yet so I can't get her out of the cage.
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