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Hi I need some help please.
I got my veiled chameleon back from the vets today and as I suspected she has a very large number of eggs inside her. I noticed she went off her food a week ago and became worried. A few days ago she started turning a gold colour (for the first time ever) and this morning she had a hint of blue aswell ( for the first time). She is 8 and half months old and this is her first batch. The vet has given her until Monday to lay the eggs or he will remove her ovaries. I really don't want this to happen.
I have had a large plant pot about 14inches tall and wide filled with sand I have tried to give her as much privacy as possible but she doesn't seem interest in laying her eggs I have not even seen her digging at the bottom of her exo terra viv.

I have covered the viv with a blanket and filled her drip right up and don't plan to go anywhere near her until Monday. I would appreciate Any advice/ tips anyone can give me.

Sorry for message but I don't have access to my pc and I'm writing off my iPhone
She might not have to lay yet. Is she showing any signs of going downhill? They will lay when they need to, and if she starts showing signs of dystocia, then get worried. Just leave her alone and let her do her business.

A better alternative would be to give her a shot of oxytocin to induce labor. Surgery and reptiles dont really mix well...
To be honest she looks really good she has no other symptoms that I have seen posted on the forums she is alert, hydrated lovely green colour with horizontal gold strips with a little bit of blue. Ohh she is a bit moody then she usually.

Do you think I should hold off going to the vets for a few more days rather then rushing straight back down there?

Thank you for your advice
Did the vet not suggest using oxytocin before having to resort to her being spayed? It needs to be given at the right time though...there's a time frame when it will work.
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