Egg bound surgery


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So my chameleon will be getting surgery this Thursday and I want to prepare for it . Can anyone give me advice ?. Like should I feed her a bit before the surgery? Should I move her in a bin for a bit till she gets stronger ? Has anyone had the egg bound surgery on their chameleons? How long does it take to nurse the chameleon back to itself?


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You could make a hospital bin just incase you need it. My vet has me drop off my girls early morning the day of surgery. He normally keeps them over night and makes sure they are eating and drinking before they come home. My girls are able to return to their normal free range when they come home. My girls had stitches that dissolved in about a month and the first few weeks I try to keep them as dry as possible. Getting them to wet can cause them to dissolve to early. Will Dr. Stahl be doing the surgery? Please keep us posted on how she does.


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How’s she doing?
Hello , sorry I’m responding so late . The surgery was a success they told me they took out 52 eggs . I have her an a recovery bin rn . The vet gave me some medicine for her and I will follow the instructions .


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She is doing good, She sipped a lot of water in the morning. Im making sure to mist so she can stay as hydrated as possible. Her eyes are also looking very active, which is good because before the surgery she was looking droopy. Hopefully Lupita can make a speedy recovery.
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