Edible Plants

Hey, does anyone have any suggestions to live plants that i can put in my chameleons cage? I've looked around and found some plants

Jade plant
Painted Nettle
and Parlor Palm

Are any of those ok, toxic, any problems, or any preferences? Any help would be great.

james L

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No jade. Palms suck for chams. Dracaenas are edible but are kind of awkward like palms. I love crotons. There edible and very pretty. And painted nettle im unsure of. If you want a good edible plant try hibiscus.


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Pothos have become my all time favorite lol

They are safe, hard to kill and the leaves hold drops of water perfectly! I also like that they can be hung or put on a stand and wrapped around the sticks like ivy.
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I love the scheffleras. They have plenty of branches strong enough for the chams to walk on, they provide plenty of cover around the cage, and their leaves hold water pretty well
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