Eating Dirt


I recently removed the substrate from my enclosure in response to the numerous comments about the dangers of molds and the possibility of my chameleon ingesting substrate. I have still seen her eating dirt from the two ficus that I have in the enclosure, though. When she does this I stop her, but I will not always be in the room with her enclosure. What should I do?
Cover the dirt with large rocks (large enough that she can't eat them) or screen. I cut some extra screen into a circle the same size as the pots and cut slits to each of the stalks so it wrapped around them and covered all the dirt. My cham didn't even try again when he noticed that was there. My other cham tried to eat the shiny rocks from time to time because he thought they were wet and was thirsty.
But what if you need soil access because you cham is a gravid female?? I have a year and a half yr old girl Kanna. She's been holding these eggs for over two months. She's still eating and drinking but noticed she every now and then shoots her tong at the medium i have for her to lay which is purely microwaved garden soil.

Anyone know why they do this? Digestion or just for the sake of it? I'm sure there is a method to there madness ; }

Also any idea on the length of holding eggs?

Be very greatful for any help!
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