Eating chameleons !!


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that got you all wondering :)

ive watched hundreds of wildlife programmes and most of the animals shown have been eaten by something (with the exception of tigers and lions) but have never watched a chameleon being attacked by another animal, i was wondering what would be a natural predator of a cham.

its probably tea time in the states so sorry guys


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Tea time = Dinner :)

Just go to Youtube and search for snake eating chameleon....I was going to post a few links of them but I don't like watching them even though it is nature :(

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Have you not seen the video of the chams in the desert where the bigger one eats the small one?!:eek:

Teatime in the UK is when we get home after work,etc. Dinner time is around noon and teatime is around 5pm!


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here in Canada roasted chameleon basted in garlic butter is quite the tasty delicacy. haha jk. I'm sure my cat would eat my cham if given the chance lol but that isnt really a natural predator.


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I have seen Lemurs attack a Giant Chameleon in a tree(discovery channel). The Lemur was all over him but was perplexed most of the time as the Cham went SKINNY and kept rotating his whole body to hide behind the branch he was on...was quick about rotating too. Eventually got away.

Was cool to see!
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