Eating and drinking.


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i havent seen my new baby eat or drink for 2 days. i'm sure hes eating because those crickets have to go some where. and i saw him eyeing a cricket, but when he saw me he kept watch on me, so i left to room, and came back and the cricket was gone and he was chewing, so i'm not too worried about his eating. but i havent had my drip system set up and he only got water when i misted (5-6 times daily) he wouldn't drink cus he was scared of the stream. so i'm thinking he likes his privacy while he eats and drinks. i do have my dripper set up now though (needed time to think of a way to hang it lol).
so any ideas on how to stimulate his apitite when i'm around so i can make sure what hes getting???

he's in a 65 gallon reptarium with a ficus, a money tree, and fake vines. he has a full spectrum flourecent light and a 150 wat uv basking bulb. its about 85-90 degrees at the basking area.
good news less than 10 minutes later... i saw his eating from his cup for the first time. those poor crickets were in that cup for like 3 days lol. i hope he remembers the cup next time hes hungry.

For awhile I was scared that my little Buddah (4 motnh old veiled) wasn't eating enough. This was a little bit after I got him and wasn't sure he was getting enough food since I couldn't ever watch him eat. Now I've had him for about a month I'll say, and boy is he a pig. I think all he wants to do is eat and eat. If I hold up a cup of crickets for him he practically climbs into it. Caught him a hopper today (big one for his size) and while he wouldn't eat it out of my hand it didnt take him long to hunt it down in his cage. Anyways what I'm trying to say is not to worry to much. If he appears to be happy and healthy and you notice that he is still eating then he will survive. Eventually he will become more comfortable with you and his house. Hopefully once this happens he will become a little piggy and you won't ever have to worry about him eating.
Some chameleons won't eat in front of you at first, but they usually come around once they get acclimated. Also, if your crickets are in there for a couple of days, do you feed the crickets? They lose alot of their nutrition within 24 hours of removing them from their gutload area. I normally throw a baby carrot in the cup for the first day to keep the cricket hydrated, but if they go longer than that, I normally replace them with freshly gutloaded crickets.

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