Dying chameleon.


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First of all not to be rude, I wasn't looking for help, that is not the point of this post. The husbandry is the exact same as what I posted before and already changed according to a few suggestions from other kind knowledgeable members. He was doing fine until recently. I just needed to let others know not to buy any animal from an unknown seller for cheap.

Anyway he had passed yesterday morning, found him dead while gripping a vine. These few days he was still eating, not as much as he used to but still eating. His eyes are close half of the time but would open his eyes if I touch him. He would move away from my hand, usual behavior. Thanks to those who express concern. I'm grateful. To the others who express doubt, I'm absolutely sure everyone knows you could handle this situation easily better than me.

I'm burying him tonight somewhere near my house.

And I'm no longer coming to this forum.
I am so sorry for your loss. I have been one that has followed along trying to find anything in your husbandry. It was not you. We covered absolutely everything and you did absolutely all you could and more! I just wanted you to know that you did a wonderful job with all that you were given with him. I know this was stressful, emotional, and painful for you to go through. I am not going to say go get another cham. I know what this loss feels like when you try so desperately to save them and then of no fault of your own you can't. Just know You did amazing and I appreciated your kindness, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail in every posting on your guy. Take care hun.


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Like Brodybreaux25 I assumed that you were looking for help to save your chameleon.

If I seemed short with you its because I spend a lot of time trying to help people on this forum and I have a limited amount of time to do that so I need people to give enough information for me to be able to help them without me having to look up posts to see what they said before.

Sorry for your loss.
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