Dwarf Jackson


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I would like to get a pair of Dwarf jacksons...

1) Any thoughts on a great breeder for Dwarf Jacksons?

2) Any sub species better in your opinion than another?

3) Any do's and do not's in your opinion on a Dwarf Jackson?

Thank you.
I dont know who you will get them from.

But they are much smaller than xantholphus (most common jacksons available), they prefer cool temperatures and a significant night time temperature drop.
Also they need high humidity and a well planted cage and lots of water to drink.
You dont have to feed them too much like you would with a Panther or Veiled and also dont supplement them too much, they need supplements in small quantities.
have any of you who have them had success with breeding them? If so do you have or know of any for sale from quality stock

Thnk you..
I have kept a few over the years but never got them to reproduce. I kept them the same way I do panthers basically...except that I make sure that the warmest area of the cage is no higher than 84 or 85F. The ones I had lived with me for several years and all were WC's.
I hope to have success breeding them in the next couple months. I will record all my experiences and post them on the forum for any other people interested in breeding them.
wich one do you mean ? jack willingensis or merumontanus ? they are both smaller than xantholophus , give me the correct latin name and then i can help you
Where did the willingensis come in? Arent they the jacksonii jacksonii's?

Im pretty sure the OP meant the merumontanus dwarf jacksons.
I was finally able to aquire a pair today. I've been looking for quite a while. They're hard to find and can be pricey. I was lucky to hand pick a pair and get them locally. Yippee!
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