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I am using repti calicium with D3, and I was just wondering if I am supposed to dust all of the crickets and other critters I feed him or just a certain amount of them. I appreciate any help:D
yes dust all the feeders but only use that repcal with d3 twice a month. that has a very potent amount of d3 in it. Get a plain calcium and dust all your feeders everyday with that and then get yourself a multivitamin and dust all your feeders with that also twice a month.
will there be any damage because i have been using the d3 every day? (i've only had him for 3 days) and thank you i will have to get some of that, in the mean time will he be able to survive of plain crickets and pothos plants for a few days while i get him some powder?? (he really enjoys the plant) :confused:
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