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Hemlock is rather poisonous - it can poison humans too.

Check out the UCDavis Toxic Plant List. It's aimed more at human toxicity, but it's quite a comprehensive list.

Even so, I couldn't find anything regarding Spruce from my usual sources, but came across this list of Poisonous Plants for Birds that listed Spruce as SAFE for birds. I'd imagine (given that evolutionary biologists surmise that birds evolved from reptiles) that what is safe for birds is safe for reptiles. However, it'd be better if you verified this from someone more knowledgable than me (i.e. someone qualified).
A good rule of thumb is that if you have doubt about the safety of the plant, it's best just to avoid it and go with ones that are tried and tested.

I like referring to this simple list: Plants for Lizards
balsam fir not hemlock, sorry. the only plant outside carlos' cage is an old scheflera thats really skimpy, so i was thinkg maybe this season i might let him crawl on our christmas tree, and i'de sut up a light somewhere above it for him.
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