Dubias' confuse me


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I purchased some dubia from mulberry farms about two weeks ago and have started to breed them. When I first got them, I only had one full grown male. Then last night when I went to check on them, There was two adult males:eek: I don't get how a male could just pop up out of nowhere. Especially a full grown one. Do dubia males usually start off looking like females, then grow their wings? I searched through the rest of the colony and there was an exo skeleton of a female looking dubia. It look like it shed it's skin. So I suspected that skin came from the new male. One important thing that I noticed is that the new male looks alot like the Discoid roaches that mulberry sells because it has a square on its' head. Now I'm really confused:confused: I don't know if they sent me Dubia or Discoid.
They don't grow their wings until they are adults. You can tell the difference between nymphs, adult females and adult males pretty easily. The nymphs aren't "shiny". Adult females are. And, obviously, the adult males have wings. You can't tell the sex on the nymphs. Or, at least, I don't think you can. I have wondered if the wider bodied nymphs are female, and the narrower ones are male.

That's what I assumed Heika.
It is pretty amazing when they do that last molt and all of a sudden you have these shiny new adults you didn't have yesterday.

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