Dubia roaches different colors


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I got my first dubia roaches ever last week, and i immediately noticed that some are different colors. Some are dark black and the others are like.... uhh im not sure how to describe it but maybe a much lighter brownish/peach color? Does that mean they are different gender from the black ones or is it nothing but diff color. Also if i want to breed these guys do i need to have anything for them in the bottom of tha enclosure? right now i just got paper towels n egg cartons, most of them hid under the paper towel as soon as i put them in there.
i already read that thread before I made this one.. i wanted to know about the differing colors mainly if it means anything.
nope the colors mean nothing. I have black to even a few males with a white tint to them kinda weird actully but its cool. The males have wings that extend the length of there body most of the time a little longer the females have very tiny wings that you wont notice.ill post a pic of the diff soon.. I use just egg cartons no paper towl or any other substrate they dont need it an it will be easier for you to clean an catch them for your lizards. Food wise i use dog food,fish flakes,gram crackers, oranges,bananas, kale, carrots i dont use water crystals due to the fact i use oranges an what not. get a under the tank heater for your bin an they will bread like crazy in no time. type in dubia roaches on youtube an ull get a bunch of use full tips.
They are different colors depending on how much time has passed since their last molt. Dubia will go from white (immediately after molt), to brown (the standard color), a few days later.
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