Dubia Roach recipes (help)


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Just bought a colony of Dubia roaches and I been reading a bit. A lot of recipes are using cat food but I've read that it's bad for chameleons.

Can anybody help me with some recipes or advise please?

Thank you in advance.
You can make your life a tad easier buy purchasing bug burger. Or just use dark greens, carrots, oranges, etc. Use the search engine up top and you'll find tons of great gutloading tips. :)
Do you recommend cat food in anything?

Hi, I would not use any type of pet (dog or cat) food. I tried that when I started my colony early last year on the recomendation of someone and it was terrible! The pet food attracted ants and the roaches did not like it not to mention it was not that healthy. I started making my own a few months back and it has been amazing. I buy prety much everything I use at a health food store in bulk and its prety cheap. Sandras blog lists a ton of items that I use and the bugs love it. I use textured vegetable protein as the base and add to that. It might be easier to use the Repashy product which I do like but I just like to try new stuff and thats part of the fun:) I always have the Roach chow I make in the tubs and add oranges, carrots and greens on a regular basis. Have fun!
Oh btw I started with 50 females and 25 males right about a year ago. I now have hundreds of females and males as well. Takes time to start but once they get going look out:D
Thanks for the info, what percentage of protein do you think it will be safe? The batch I made is about 30-35% protein.

Is this too much protein? Also how many dubias is safe to give per week?
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