Dubia getting liquids?

Mr Wilson

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So iv decided to start a dubia colony, much to the dismay of my girlfriend :D but it just financially makes sense if i can get a nice colony going. Everything as of now has gone great. Started with about 40, put them in a nice big container with egg creates and have been gut loading them fresh fruits and veggies.

My only question is what do they need for hydration? Do they get it from the gutload? Should i throw in some cricket quench or a wet paper towel? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Fruit and veggies work just fine. You can get the cricket polymer gel things and hydrate them as well. Whatever you want to do.
I always put a slice of orange in there for them to eat for hydration. They love them and the tank smells way better I swear
water crystals

I ordered some water crystals on line like 3 packets that make a gallon each and it was about $7 I use that as well as oranges and other veggies.
I use a sponge in both of my bins and it seems to work just fine. I find that they like to me misted though and when I do that they run around and drink up all of the dew drops on the bottom and sides of the bin
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