Dubia-Cricket conversion


I have a 3 month Ambilobe that I'm feeding 14 1/4" crickets per day. If I want to switch him to 1/4" Dubias only--how many would I feed? Would this be a strict weight ratio? By that I mean if 14 crickets weigh 10 grams and each Dubia weighs 5 grams, then I would feed 2 Dubia's? (please note: all weights used are for demonstration only and not actuals!!)

I would say give them as many as they will take. I started on all crickets for my little ones (about 5-6 months now). I give them about 10-20 crickets a day, 2-4 supers, and a few dubias and mine are good with that mix. Eventually I want to switch to primarily just dubia's but I would say to try it slow. I know some people say their chams don't want anything to do with dubias. My littlest guy is scared of superworms and doesn't want anything to do with them!!
I feed my jackson dubias and we feed her dubias the same size as crickets.Dubias are much more meatier so i wouldn't give your cham as many dubias as crickets.:p
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