dropping eggs in cage

Fate X

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what does it mean it a female veiled starts digging in a container then bypasses the container and lays the eggs all over the cage ?

she dropped about 60 on top of the plant pots and cage floor some were in the foliage.

i know its not normal.
sounds strange. When my female was ready to lay she was at the bottom of her cage so I took a big plastic tub and put about 6" of sand in it and left her in there for a night and she didn't dig or anything but when I dug alittle cave in there she laid her eggs in there. sounds strange though. atleast she isn't eggbound though:rolleyes:
It means she was either disturbed while trying to dig, or didn't think the laying site was suitable. You'll be lucky if she gets them all out, they often retain the last one or two which causes major problems.
she has a tub of sand/peat in her cage ,the day before i saw her digging in it. then the next day when i went into the room the eggs were all over.
i looked in the tub of dirt and theres no eggs in the dirt.

can she survive if she still got one or two eggs in her gut?
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