dried blood at vent, then slight fresh blood, then tiny urate or sperm??

My chameleon would leave blood behind his droppings...definately a sign of parasites!!!!! I brought him to the vet gave a fecal and apparently he has had hookworm and coxedia all his life!!!! the panacur got rid of the problem but make sure you give him lots of water cause the panacur dries them out.....if thats what the vet says is the problem with parasites. I also am now giving smaller crickets because the large legged crickets poke through. def bring to vet!!!:)
Panacur does not cure coccidia.
What do you mean the larger crickets' legs poked through??
BTW..her chameleon already died sadly.
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panucur did take care of the coxedia but it was used to treat the hookworm he had mass amounts of hookworm and very little coxedia...the larger legged crickets would poke through his poop and also would cause irritation for obvious reasons
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