Dreaming cham or indigestion?

I walked up to my veiled's cage yesterday to find him in his basking spot after pigging out on crickets, and a heavy misting session - with both eyes closed!

I was worried right away because I know it's a bad sign to see them sleeping during the day, but this more in the evening, and actually about an hour away from his actual bedtime. He ended up crawling to his favorite perch a little early.

Funny thing was, he really didn't seem to be dozing or sleeping. His head was up, his posture was very much awake and a alert, and although both eyes were closed, they rolled around as though he were keeping an eye on his surroundings. But he wasn't! I stood there for a while before he noticed me.

Anyone seen this before? Is it a red flag?

I was wondering if he had belly ache. He had just finished eating 5 or so really large crickets, and he's had five or more earlier in the day.

His belly was very large.
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