Drago going downhill fast


Drago is quickly going downhill fast will literally be going to out of hours vets, we had blood done which have come back as kidney failure.


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All you can really do is give him the best life possible he has left. I'd be feeding him his favorite treats and maybe take him for a ride into the sunset tonight. Sorry to hear about this. Was routing for you both.


My family and I are sat in the sun with him,awaiting a call back from the emergency vet to properly discuss with me his results, all I have been told up to now is he has severe kidney failure but can’t be told more as this was told to me by the nurse. I think they are going to tell me it’s kinder to euthanise him. At this point I don’t even know what treatment may be or if it is a option for him.


I don’t understand what went so wrong so quickly initially he went to vet because of falls so was xrayed and given Calcium d liquid in case he was deficient he was still eating and drinking normally , he then stopped eating and the next vet visit coincided with his follow up where he had lost 10 % of his body weight was still drinking ok so then we had bloods, antibiotics and critical care food and now Two days later this , up until he became really poorly his irate etc were normal no sign of dehydration I took his powders to vets who was happy with husbandry, I know sometimes it’s just biological but this is horrendous last month he was as far as I was aware healthy and happy he even got entered into the monthly compition and now is maybe our last day with him


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Sorry to hear that. I know kidney failure can make any animal go down hill fast. My neighbors German shepherd had kidney failure out of no where and only after a few days he had passed.


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He's gone they said he had Gout as well as kidney failure was unlik5to recover with hospitalization and I would be kinder to allow him to be put to sleep.

I'm devastated this happened so fast
I’m so sorry! You and Drago are in my thoughts.
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