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I've been interested in keeping chameleons for a while now, and over the last few months have gathered all the necessary supplies and have been reading this website religiously to make sure I do everything right. I will attach pictures too so more experienced members can comment on what may need to be changed.

Here are a few questions I have right off the bat.
- I bought a pressurized mister, for how long each day should I supply him with a fine spray of mist?
- For crickets, is it better to let them free roam his cage or should I use a cup feeding method?
- When I acquired my chameleon his eyes seemed somewhat sunken in, I've heard this can be a sign of dehydration but I would like a second opinion based on pictures.
- Sometimes Sherman (my chameleon) will hang on with just his hind legs and tail and swing around like he is trying to grab something that isn't there (ie. branch/cage screen) Could that be related to his eye issue? He has no problems with feeding however.
- For healthy growth, how many crickets should I provide each day?

Thanks in advance for your help, and thanks again for the wealth of knowledge already posted.

Pictures to follow.


Adult size enclosure, 24x24x40
I would mist like 3 times a day for about 3-5 minutes at a time I would feed about 12-15 small crickets a day from the looks of the size of you cham. how old is he by the way? You can free range the crickets, just make sure if he does not eat all of them to remove before night time. As far as him hanging, that is normal and they do funny things like that, that is why they are so enjoyable to watch! his eyes look a little sunken from the picture but not horrible. Do you see him drink?
His age is about 4-6 months at this time, to me he seems to be growing slowly, is this a major cause for concern, I couldn't find any growth charts to compare him to. Also, as he is becoming more acclimated I'm noticing him drink more and more, his eyes seem to be doing better everyday!
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