does this egg look good?

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this egg started to de-hydrate then i added water to the perlite then it swelled up.
its not very white its a pale yellowish to almost orange maybe.
does it look good? could it be good? has anyone ever had eggs /egg look similar that hatched?
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I'm 99.9% sure that if you cut that egg, itll be rotten cottage cheese inside. As fertile as a rock... Good luck with the rest though.

It probably wasn't dehydrating, so much as it was rotting from infertility, the eggs still collected the water though. Either that or it was OK but the water super hydrated it and killed the production.

How old is it?
Candle it.
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How many days has it been incubating? What species? What temperature have you had it at?

The "rule of thumb" with chameleon eggs is to leave it until it is definitely no good (molds, shrivels up, etc.).
i was thinking it might be cheesy inside because when i touch the top and push down on it ,it seems to solid. this egg is 5 months plus old.i had 5 but i dropped 3 then they molded ,they were still white though. then the 2 i had left de-hydrated then i added water to them and that one swelled up.

i have 53 eggs from the last batch that are good , i had 55 but 2 molded and there was some kind of small bugs eating them it looked like.

i just got some "hatch rite" this is a specialy formulated mix to incubate reptile eggs in. did anyone ever here of it?
it is expensive,i got a 2 pound bag from petsmart online for 23.00 that includes shipping. when i called the local petsmart they don't have it.
whats nice about it is theres instructions on the bag and you don't have to add water to it .

the thing is incubating these eggs is not so easy at least for me is has'nt been ,it seems easy but its not.i been using perlite though plus i have no experience whatso ever incubating eggs,like these tiny bugs on this moldy egg seem like a bad thing that might spread to my good eggs.
i am hoping this hatch rite helps me in my egg incubating stage.
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