does she look burned

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this is sleepy i think she might have gotten thermal burns last month.
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no it does'nt look good but its looked like this to some degree since last month, at the end of last month she shed the strange thing was only low lower areas shed skin under her arms,legs,belly lower part of her head these areas still have a nice color green the upper exposed areas were the light/heat would have hit her are blackish/grayish some yellow if you look at her side profile you can see where the nice green area changes to the blackish theres a sorta line ,this line has been gradually moving up shedding small peices of skin then a new nice green color skin.

i think underneath the dark areas the burnt skin is healing i dont know if its blistered ,if it is it must not be that bad.
the other day i put a thin layer of triple antibiotic over the damage.
with all other issues taken into account she seems ok shes eating/drinking and moving around from time to time.

i am hopeful she will recover ,i have decided if she recovers from her burns her new name will be fireball.
my guy got burned a little in a few spots. They turned black then white. They stay white now. Just dont get cheap temp guages for the basking area... they made me think I needed more power, so he got burned. I put in a nice digital one and the old bulb was just right all along.
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