Does my female look pregnant?


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This is my Jackson's female I purchased a few months ago. She was housed with males prior to me getting her. Does she look pregnant or is she just sitting weird?

I hope she isn't, she's too young.



She looks a little fat to be honest. I think there is a good chance she may be pregnant.

Take a picture from the side of her.
No, she's acting like her normal self. I don't handle her really. I just all the sudden noticed a bigger belly. She hasn't changed her eating habits lately.

Not sure how long they carry before giving birth...
look at her cute little horn :p they are gravid about 5 mos- and in my case, I got no warning other than THAT morning Olive acted "restless" - but she did not have a huge belly like I thought she would, as a matter of fact, she looked thiner (not un-healthy thin, just thiner) than a few weeks before

I would start reading all you can on babies NOW :) and start growing Fr/ flies- you will need a LOT of them :eek: just incase
I noticed her getting larger yesterday, all of the sudden. I bought her about 2-3 months ago and she's never been with my male. But the place I bought her from had her housed with 2 males and another female!

I wanted to wait until she got older to put her with my male, they are roughly the same age.

I will def keep a close eye on her and make sure I'm ready with a baby bin and appropriate bugs :)

I've been reading all morning :) Should her temps be upped at all? Does she need extra supplements or anything like that?

well, as I said, I did not know Olive was even gravid, but after having her babies, she is now having a cal/ issue- but I dont know enough to say if you should up her cal/ - I just know what I was giving my cham was not enough :(
maybe someone else can answer better ???
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