Does Chara Have Ri?


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im worried about my male veiled chameleon chara, today he has been acting normal (feeding,drinking ect) however, today was also the first day i tried to handle him everything went fine (no hissing, biting) but he diddnt want to go back in (bugger)... i was wondering why he would be keeping his mouth open for most of the day? the viv temps are normal so i dont see any problem there. he is shedding so i have been misting more, anyone know whats wrong (if anything) and how i can fix it?


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Have you heard your Cham make popping noise? Does he have extra saliva in his mouth? I imagine he's hot. What's his basking temp? It looks like he is sitting right next to the light. The bulbs need to be on the outside of the cage or he will get a burn. Please fill out the Ask For Help Form attached below.
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