Does anyone have chameleon dreams?


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Hey everyone:

After my second vivid chameleon dream in the past couple weeks I thought I would share and ask if anyone else has experienced this :p

So about 2 weeks ago I had a dream that I had a gravid female veiled, a few males, and Andrew. The female layed a fertile clutch and I incubated. I then had to leave for a vacation and forgot to tell my girlfriend to keep an eye on the eggs. They ended up hatching and it was survival of the fittest; 3 of the babies cannibalized the others. This, however, lead them to turn into raptor like creatures that then terrorized me and my girl.

Then last night I had a dream I built a pile of LARGE enclosures in my basement for breeding purposes. I had a panther pair, a veiled pair, and another female veiled. At one point my friend took a skipping rope, swung it around, trying to knock the female panther off her perch (which was now located in a health food store ... I guess we were buying gutload stuff??? lol :p) When I asked him about it, he said that the male told him too. After that I lost complete trust in him, and left the care up to my mom. The panthers began to mate, and because she didnt want any sex in her house she housed all of the females together and the males together (panthers and veileds). The female veiled starting fighting, then I woke up.

So weird I know ... but anyone else have any dreams they'd like to share??
Haha :) It made me laugh! Didnt have dreams about chameleons or with them, but surely will post if it happens :D
Haha you know when you start dreaming about them that you're a little obsessed! :D I had a dream I still remember from a few months ago where someone had stolen my oldest Ambilobe! I can't remember why they took him, but the dream turned into a "Finding Cerberus" expedition. I don't even know how it ended lol But I remember being very upset that someone had stolen one of my chameleons.
Last night I just dreamed that I was feeding my cham and somehow one of the crickets grew so huge that it was too big for him (a little smaller than he is) to eat but of course he tried anyway and I woke up in a panic thinking that he was choking and ran to his cage just to realize that I obviously had not fed him yet and I was dreaming.
OK, i dont believe i would have told that.:D, you have a COD. Chameleon Obsesion Disorder. You should quickly ship all of you chameleons to me. If you dont do this you are capable of becoming a chameleon hoarder like many others on this forum.:D I have close to a dozen chameleons so i know what I am doing, and no im not a hoarder, just ship them to me before you become one. LOL:cool:;)
Funny, I red this thread yesterday evening...and the chameeon dream came to me too... I was in an old aparment house, and for an unknown reason i started to climb up on the top floor, when a bb ambilobe cham with a head of a parrsonii was climbing on the barrier...and when he noticed i want to catch him he started to run! really fast :D but i managed to catch him , but still didnt have an idea where he came from. I got the answer fast: a sign above the door was something like "exotic pets", so i guess he escaped somehow LOL... but i lift him up from the floor and proudly introduced my new pet to my family...and than i woke up :p
Never had one until reading this. Last night I had a dream that the member Carol sent me a cham, like a cham swap kinda thing that would only last a few days. Then i looked at the box again and it was not Carol, but Carolyn, my grandma, giving me a cham for Christmas. I was kinda annoyed because I had been reading another thread about people who get animals for holidays without proper knowledge of care for them, and was like "thank God I already have a chameleon and belong to these forums and know how to take tare of him!"

Really weird lol
a few weeks ago i dreamt that i had a huge chameleon enclosure, and i kept putting my favorite blanket in the botton of the cage, and i kept putting more blankets in the cage, and then the cage flooded and my cham turned into this retarded, deformed looking turtle :p:rolleyes::eek::D
the other night, right after reading this and telling me how obsessive you have to be to dream about a chameleon, my girlfriend had a dream that she was hand feeding my baby veiled lol.
woah...i had several chameleon dreams....

one i can remeber that i never forgotten (weirdly i forget my dreams) was where i was at an unkown neigborhood at a unknown apartment complex outside and i saw a deep red body ambilobe and a blue panther with red barring:eek:...they were on the cement floor sun basking , it was sunny, i walked near them and they went on the little tree but never ran further, i looked at them and held my hand out, and the blue body with red barred panther walked into my arm and happily relaxed and sat there, with tailed curled....then i woke up:rolleyes:
Oh my GOSH! I haven't had any Cham dreams but a couple of nights ago I had a Tarantula dream.

I was out looking for more T's to add to my collection. I ran across this Pet Store run by a lady and a man. I walked in and started looking at their animals. They had the weirdest pets ever! Fish, colorful snakes... I walked up to them and asked if they had any Tarantulas, the man opened up a small container and showed me a bunch of little spiderlings that were just hatched and even went and showed me the mother. BEUTIFUL bright pink legs with a black carapace and black body... Almost like a Fire Leg but in pink. :D I don't remember why but they made me REALLY upset so I ended up slapping the cup out of their hands, gathering all of the slings, and ran out of the store. So I pretty much stole all of the slings.:( I went home and observed the little babies and they were so cute! At one point I felt really bad and guilty so took the babies back to the pet store. I appologized and as I was turning away, they stopped me and gave me one of the slings. :) THEN I woke up. Lol!:eek:
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