does anyone have a mistking system?


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i'm just wondering because i'm going to get one i just don't know if i should go with the starter kit or the ultimate value kit. ill be using it with a 2'x2'x4' screen cage for my cham. does anyone know if the starter kit will be enough or should i have at least 2-3 nozzles. also is the zip drip needed? thanks in advance, i appreciate any help.
You will love the mistking!! the starter one is expandable up to around 10 misting heads. The zipdrip can be added later if needed.
I got the intermediate one, just because it came with a lot of little odds and ends that I knew I would end up having to get anyway, and the pump is more powerful so I can do more with it later on down the line. The main point of the zip drip in my eyes is to not have water sitting in the tubes. I could also see it being good for a non cham use, like misting the produce at the grocery store, you don't want people getting dripped on when they reach for something. It's awesome though, and I'm sure the beginner one is just as good. A very good investment to be sure.
I use Mistkings in my parsons rooms and a big sun cage on my back porch. They're an awesome mist system and the owner Marty is a great guy to deal with.
I love ALL my mistking systems. The starter system is great and runs upto 8 nozzles with no prob, the ultimate kit is AWSOME!! especially if you have alot of cages to run. :)
Mistking all the way,I have 3 now and am getting another soon. Marty is fantastic and stands behind his product!!!! :cool:
I have 2 mistkings and a Aquazamp. Both products are similar and great. Aquazamp does have a made in the USA sticker on it though
would you guys recommend the starter system that comes with one nozzle or the ultimate value pack that comes with 3. ill have one cham in a 2x2x4 cage.
I got the ultimate kit, because I usually end up with a tank full of babies very two years or so, and I LOVE it. Not only can I leave my chams for a week or so with the orders just dump one of these prelabeled cups in there once a day, but I don't need to worry about the dripper speed or anything else.
I think it really has eased a lot of worries for me since I have to travel. Plus I havent seen a orange poo since it started :)
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