Do your dogs know your chams mood?


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Winston, my dog, almost always basically ignores Geoffery, but today Geoff got all excited when Winston came close and puffed up. Winston immediately recognized the change and knew what it was about, so he got excited too. I just thought it was cool that Geoff got his point across so well with just a little puff up.



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My dogs have no fear of lizards. If you are a lizard and within nose range you are getting the wet nose treatment. They dont care if the lizard puffs up. Now if they lizard hisses, then the dogs run like its a bomb :)


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My beardie runs the place. He will chase the cat and dog both. He ran upon my cat while she was cleaning herself, and she jumped so high! It was pretty funny.


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My dog would eat my chameleons so there has never been any interaction to find out! lol Your pics are beautiful as always!!!
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