do they ever go home?


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i mean when you have your cham out free ranging...
does anyone have a cham that goes back in the cage on its own?

mine never does...:eek:
I have the free range connected to his cage so he can go in and out whenever he wants, and he goes in and out all day. As soon as the sun starts going down and he knows it's almost bed time, he sits outside of the cage and I have the hardest time getting him to go back in. :)
I am staying in Hull this weekend, and I visited my son today.
His female Veiled Chameleon is called Jasmine, or "Jazz :D:cool:"
She mostly stays at home but on the rare occasions that she does venture out she mostly doesn't go far and finds her own way back.
She has been known to climb the curtain a bit and then not know where to go next though. She isn't the cleverest lizard we have ever seen hahaha.
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