do chameleons sneeze?


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Hi I'm new here and also new to chameleons I have recently acquired a little ambanja panther toddler about 3 months old (maybe 3.5) and he seems to be doing great so far. When holding him (no I don't hold him too much and never force him out of his cage) I sometimes (maybe 3 times so far) notice him do a little thing that seems like a sneeze, I kinda hear a quick little shot of air that sounds like it comes from his nostrils and he'll make a shake-like movement that only lasts the length of the air sound which is about half a second.

I'm not really worried about it as I have done extensive reading and researching before buying him and am confident about his maintenance. I'm just curious if anyone else has seen one do this or anything similar? the only thing I haven't got yet is a hygrometer cause they had none left when I picked him up but I think I'll ditch the needle style exoterra thermometer and go grab a 2 in 1 digital hygro/thermo. I mist moderately (maybe 2-3 times a day) and use a dripper for about an hour in mid-day. Could he be 'sneezing' from too little or too much humidity?

Sorry for the long first post... Any help or input is greatly appreciated!
He may be doing a little "i am pissed off" hiss that they do. Mine seemed to do it more so at this age and my veileds still do it, although my panthers do not.
hmm... maybe! His mouth doesn't open though when I've seen him do this nor do he swell up his throat (i've never noticed).

thanks though
Is there anyway you could video tape this?

When my Veiled is pissed, he always puffs up and opens his mouth before he hisses.
no I highly doubt it comes from him being pissed... and to video tape it would be pretty hard, I'd have to be really lucky and it would be a huge coincidence. It's not a loud noise just the tiniest little exhale from his nose accompanied by a slight shaking movement, like I said the whole thing lasts but half a second to a second.
Chameleons can also "hoot". It is like.. a vibration sound that they make, presumably to communicate. My female veiled does it when I pick her up. She doesn't fire up or anything. It is more of a warning, i think, and it isn't even really a sound.. haha.. I can't explain it. I remember reading about it a long time ago. I will look around for the article later on.
Some reptile like those marine iguanas in the Galapagos islands, the do sneeze a lot... just to sneeze out excess salt in the body. I know marine turtle do that too as well as those salt water crocodiles. So i would say your chameleon might wanna sneeze out excess salt in the body.
I would second Cherron's thoughts -- one of my panthers does it whenever I inadvertently surprise him, like when I sit down at or get up from the desk next to his cage too quickly while he's lolling under his basking light -- its not so much a "really mad" expression, just sort of a startled "hey!" A silkworm offering usually restores his equilibrium and then we are friends again.
LOL WTF!! i bred yemens for 5 years and never heard anything like that!!:eek:

But regarding the thread,i dont think there is a problem,when my chams dont get there own way and are put back in there Viv sometimes give off a little "puff" like,Like a chameleon sigh:D Normally they do it just as they leave your hand and back into the viv:)
Thanks Kinyonga :p That is exactly the sound that mine makes though unless you held your ear right up to her, you wouldn't hardly hear it out all. When she makes that sound though, she does a little vibrate thingie.
i have a 6 month old panther,. and he sometimes does this when i handle him, it sounds more like hes just heavily exhaling, he only does this when he has to climb up say from one hand to another hand only when he has to really reach for and pull him self up to.
Chameleons and other lizards "sneeze" to blow the salt cakes out of their nostrils. Because they don't urinate they need a way to get rid of the excess salt that doesn't come out in the animals urates. It's natural and funny 'cuz once they get big they can blow chunks of salt pretty far.
Hmph.. if I held one of my veileds up to my ear to hear them hoot, I would very likely be detaching a veiled's teeth from my ear..

crap I was thinking nothing of it but you got me paranoid Will, anything I should do to try and eliminate that possibility? I'm hoping it's only the salt ... I just bought this guy and call me crazy but it hasn't even been a week and I already feel somewhat attached to the little beast
Don't be paranoid, instead be cautious and knowledgeable.

From; The Merck Veterinary Manual

Respiratory infections are common; the incidence can be influenced by respiratory or systemic parasitism, unfavorable environmental temperatures, unsanitary conditions, concurrent disease, malnutrition, and hypovitaminosis A. Open-mouth breathing, nasal discharge, and dyspnea are frequent signs. Aeromonas and Pseudomonas spp are frequently isolated, but many respiratory infections are mixed. Septicemia may develop in severe or prolonged cases. Treatment consists of improving husbandry and initiating systemic antibiotics. Nebulization therapy with antibiotics diluted in saline, in combination with acetylcysteine, has been used together with parenteral antibiotics to treat bacterial pneumonia. Reptiles with respiratory infections should be maintained at the mid to upper end of their preferred optimal temperatures. Increased temperatures are important not only to stimulate the immune system but also to help mobilize respiratory secretions.

However it didn't mention humidity, which is from what I understand one of the leading causes in combination with temperatures. It is porbably that changing the environment alone in your case would (IF it is URI...) solve the problem without any antibiotics.
hmm changing the environment as in moving the setup to another place or changing things within the setup itself?

thanks for info!
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