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I recently built a cage and have a few questions. First off I have 2 Senegal chameleons in it. They are still babies maybe 4 months old and about 8 inches from head to tip of their tail. I can post pics if asked. The cage size is 33 inches long 22 inches wide and 5 foot tall. Now my question about their cage is the two sides are made from wood and I have window screen rapped around it. The back is panda filmed and maybe 12 inches of the front. I panda filmed the cage due to humidity levels being low. Now i know from research that stale air is a main concern and cause of respiratory infection. The top of the cage is open and the majority of the front is to, do i have to worry about stale air or is that enough to circulate the air, I'm trying to figure out if i should remove the panda film. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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