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ok, so in having gone through ( and still going through ) having a sick chameleon, i have been searching high and low for an answer to what could be wrong with my veiled Jack. Most of the time, searches for illness/sickness in chams comes up with the result MBD....the most common illness.....but what if thats not what your chameleon is presenting signs of? i'd like to hear some stories ( happy endings or not) about people who have had sick chams, perhaps with something other than MBD, and how you figured out what your chameleon had and how you treated them. i think it would really help people out when looking for an answer........its a stressful thing when your guy/gal is sick, and you dont know what to do about it. sometimes the vet has the answers, but sometimes they dont. lets hear some examples........
One of the females I sold was in the hands of a very smart and capable person. She started to act like she was going to lay eggs - stopped eating, paced the floor of the cage, etc. she was not fat, and showed no signs of eggs. The vet insisted she was not gravid, and did not need to lay eggs.
I spoke to her on the phone, and told her to simply put a bucket of moist sand/dirt in with her. Only a couple hours later did she call to tell me the female laid some eggs.

The vet knew the deal with calyptratus - but not the whole thing. He knows they lay huge clutches of eggs most of the time, since most are overfed.

This female was not overfed, and was not mated either - so she only had a small clutch. Small enough that the vet discounted the possibility.

She is still alive too, over 4 years old now, I think.

The vet knew his stuff, but he also was unaware of variations in the animals' biology. All he knew was what was brought in his doors.
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