Didn't think it mattered at the time but.....


I never really thought much about how to approach a chameleon, except to be careful not to move too fast, or to try and handle them too much. However today I made a weird discovery.

My chameleon judges me by the colour of my... clothes! :p When I went to feed him today, he got all puffed up, and even hissed at me! He was soo pissed, which is weird, especially around nom-nom time. I was wearing an all turquiose t-shirt, and my pj pants which are green and yellow.

I quickly realized that these are the same colours he shows off when he's angry. He probably thought I was another territorial chameleon, invading his turf.

I changed my shirt, and pants, and he was fine. I was worried that something else was going on, but as far as I know, it was just the colours I was wearing that made him stress out..... weird... you won't find that on a care sheet :D


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My male panther has done this too!

I bring him to the reptile shows with me and someone came up with a tie-dye t-shirt. He walked up and Proteus got big and mad. He moved away and was back to normal. I didn't know at first what was causing it, but it made sense afterwards!


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That's interesting ive never had a reaction from my clothes color from my Chams, at least I didn't realize. My guys are pretty mellow though, ill have to try and experiment a Lil with this. :rolleyes:


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I haven't noticed a huge difference in color of clothes for my girl...ive heard that they can react to colors different but I thin mu Chan just doesn't like me lol she does react more defensive to palm up than palm down though


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I've heard that they will react to hair colour as well. Tyaeda you need to call the fashion police.:D


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Some of mine also freak out about nail polish. Some colors make them want to eat my fingers, and others they want to attack my hands.


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lol I've noticed orange seems to confuse my yemen and reds won't do with my panther. My iguana on the other hand - steer clear of blue anything. He wigs out! O_O

little leaf

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there was a thread about chams, and cloths - and what wigs them out- red and white was NOT a fav/ color among the chams - :p


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I always seem to find the clingy type pets. My cat and dog usually stay by my side. My beardie doesn't reaally care. My bird I use to have loved me so much that he wanted to be everywhere I was, even in the shower.

My last Chameleons I had didn't care very much what I had on. My females seen food and she was all over me. My male thought that I was an even person til 13 months old.
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